New Novak Eiger/Eiger Pro crawler esc

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New Novak Eiger/Eiger Pro crawler esc Empty New Novak Eiger/Eiger Pro crawler esc

Post  WIDELOAD on Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:32 am

Well it seems like Novak is actually pulling it finger out and listening to all the feedback they have been receiving about how lack luster their gear is.
They've released their new brushed only esc that is actually up to 3s lipo capable and is actually semi programmable.

Novaks site:

Specs are 2-3S input, 20 turn motor limit (max 35t on 3s with the non Pro).
It has a 2amp BEC for 2S usages, but will need an external BEC when using 3s (same size as the Tekin FX-r).
The standard version will allegedly come with a motor in a combo being either a sealed can 55t or Blow-vaks new (old) Rock Star motors (35-55t) and the Pro will be stand alone with a HV external BEC module inlcuded (which are useless).

There are 5 profiles built into the esc. Default setting is Crawling with HIGH power Drag Brakes, there is same mode with Medium and Low power Drag brake, (for higher speed rigs), then there is crawler mode with No Drag brake (for worm drive/servo mode), and a Basher mode with the normal double pump style reverse (but no mention if that has drag brake)

All in all doesn't sound too bad. The base price for the Eiger (non pro) and terra claw 55t is meant to be under $100 US, which is pretty cheap. Now we just have to see if the quality will be up there with Castle & Tekin.

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