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Micro Rock Crawler ATV Empty Micro Rock Crawler ATV

Post  Rustykaos on Mon Jun 20, 2011 1:17 am

Well my micro ATV is finally complete. cheers

It started life as a Losi Micro Rock Crawler and has evolved now into a 1:10-12 ATV. I upgraded the chassis to the BWD Wedge and have their wheel weights on with a little more solder wrapped inside for extra weight. the motor has been upgraded to the Atomic BBII for more speed and cooler temps. I got a couple of the New Ray brand ATV's from Toys'R'Us and found this one looks the best. I got the micro light kit off the microtforum.com and got Troy (wideloads motor works) to make a short adapter to power them. Currently the body is held on by some hair ties as I couldn't think of any other way to mount it but will change it if I figure something out. Anyway onto the pics.

Micro Rock Crawler ATV IMG_0467
Micro Rock Crawler ATV IMG_0468
Micro Rock Crawler ATV IMG_0469
Micro Rock Crawler ATV IMG_0471
Micro Rock Crawler ATV IMG_0470

Here is the articulation as well. Very little in the front but a lot in the rear.
Micro Rock Crawler ATV IMG_0472
Micro Rock Crawler ATV IMG_0473

I am still trying to figure out if a rider is feasible but everytime I put one on it makes it too top heavy. Also the new motor gives a lot more speed and will flip over if it turns too quickly but it makes a nice crawler.

Cheers Jarrod

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