How to break in your brushed motor

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How to break in your brushed motor Empty How to break in your brushed motor

Post  WIDELOAD on Wed Aug 10, 2011 1:37 pm

Just like a new or freshly rebuilt 1:1 motor, your brushed RC motor needs to be broken/run in for best performance and long life.

This is the way i was taught to do it and it seems to be the lowest impact for the best results.

Important points: You want absolutely no load at all on the motor during break in and you also want maximum airflow around it.

Stuff you will need:

Some sort of stand or holder.
You can leave the motor in the car to do this in a pinch, but make sure you removed the pinion and move the motor as far away from the spur as possible (to ensure max airflow).
There are commercial motor stands available (I use a RPM brand one) for not much cash. But they are overkill if you dont work with motors that often.

How to break in your brushed motor Stand

you will need is a power source. This needs to be no more than 3volts.
I use 2 cell NIMH pack i made up, but 2 disposable batteries will work.

How to break in your brushed motor Battery

You will need a fan.
The fan is used to keep the brushes and motor cool during break in. Do not do this if you do not have some way to get airflow over the motor.
I use a 40x40mm computer fan that sits neatly in my motor stand.

How to break in your brushed motor Fan

How to do it:

Put motor in stand.
Set fan up to blow on endbell
Hook up battery to motor.
Run motor for 500 seconds (about 8.5mins) at 3v or until brushes are seated.

How to break in your brushed motor Setup

Below is a pic of what a full seated brush looks like. The brush has conformed into the exact curve of the comm. Note the middle brush is only partially seated, the outer edges still haven't broken in yet when compared with the new brush (left side) and the fully broken in brush (right side).
If the brushes don't look like they are fully seated, let the motor cool for 10mins and then run motor for another 100 seconds or until brushes are seated. At all times when the motor is running ensure that there is airflow onto the endbell keeping the brushes cool.

How to break in your brushed motor Breakin

Special note for sealed motors (silver cans): Silver can motor brushes are extremely hard and abrasive. To break them in follow the steps above but drop down to 1.5 volts (single disposable battery) and run it for a few hours. Keep a fan blowing on the motor at all times and do not let it get above room temperature. A silver can is broken in when the comp has a single wide mark on it the same width as the brush (sorry no pic).


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