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Pendulum Weigthed Tyres Empty Pendulum Weigthed Tyres

Post  Jayboy74 on Sat Oct 22, 2011 11:53 am

Troy, with interest i read your thread on swapping and you had pendulum weigthed tyres, are they easy to do or are they bought like that. If easy or do-able how are they done amd what is their advantage.

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Pendulum Weigthed Tyres Empty Re: Pendulum Weigthed Tyres

Post  WIDELOAD on Sat Oct 22, 2011 12:57 pm

They are bought like that. Those were/are made by Rc3wd.
You could probably make something that would work if you had full CAD & machining access to make them from scratch. Or you can do the OG thing and run no foams with steel/lead shot in the tyre Rolling Eyes Laughing Laughing (don't bother it doesnt work)

But in my opinion they wouldn't be of much benefit in a scale rig anyway. As they are really only suited for slow crawl work. Even with the best and freest bearings i could afford the pendulums would still end up following the rotation of the tyre as soon as you got any serious wheelspeed going. Also with the mixed terrain (mud, water, dirt etc) that a scaler sees it would kill the bearings that support the pendulums pretty quick.

For a scale rig you are better off weighting the wheel as normal, or if you have the skills and machining access a set of knuckle weights (which aren't really scale) would work.

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